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Unleashing The Power Of Pleasure: A Sexual Health Webinar for Women

 DATE: Monday, May 20th, 2024

TIME: 7:30pm to 9pm EST

FORMAT: Live webinar via MS Teams


Meredith Keller, LPC, a couples therapist for 21+ years and founder of Relationship Success Online

Dr. Jillian Lipari, PT and pelvic health physical therapist extraordinaire and owner of Ethos Pelvic Health & Wellness. 

  • Are you a female who has pain during intercourse? 
  • Have you looked online for solutions and found plenty of unhelpful advice?
  • Are you embarrassed to talk to your doctor about it OR think it’s too trivial to bring up at an exam? 
  • Has your body changed due to aging, childbirth or post-cancer treatments and your sexual functioning has changed as well? 
  • Do you and your partner have sexual issues that you hardly ever discuss? 
  • Is your sexual desire lower than it used to be? 
  • Are you and your partner out of sync when it comes to libido? 
  • Do you fear penetration and this is causing issues in your relationship? 

You’ll learn…

  • The root cause of the majority of couples’ sexual issues
  • Mindfulness tools to enhance your sexual connection
  • What a couples therapists thinks about porn
  • What you can do if you fear penetrative sex
  • What a pelvic floor specialist thinks about the role of foreplay
  • Why paying attention to your pelvic floor muscles is crucial for your sexual and urogynecological health
  • What to do if your desire/arousal is lower than it used to be
  • What a couples therapist thinks about masturbation

Perhaps you see yourself in this description or you have a patient/client or friend you think might benefit.  We are eager to teach women that they are not alone and what can be done to move towards a more pleasurable sex life and fulfilling relationship with one’s own body. When women are in touch with (pun intended!) their sexuality, they are empowered.  I hope you can join us!

What People Are Saying:

[I enjoyed] learning more about the pelvic floor [and] the supportive and engaged audience. -H.

[What I would tell others considering this program is] Go and [do] not miss it! – E.D.