Reconnect With Your Partner: A Masterclass in Intimate Relationships

Reduce conflict, restore intimacy and gain a much deeper insight into your relationship whether you are married or in a committed partnership.  You’ll understand your challenges when you learn an alternate, mind-blowing perspective from a couples therapist with 22 years of experience helping thousands of couples.  This will point the way to growth and change, peace and profound connection.

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If your relationship has become disconnected…

are you tired of:

  • Not spending as much time together or talking like you used to
  • Having repetitive, draining arguments about big and small issues
  • Everything focused on the kids, the house and tasks to be done
  • Minor problems turning into blow ups that quickly get out of hand
  • Asking your partner change - but they haven’t
  • Being distracted at work because of a conflict with your partner at home
  • Worrying about exposing your kids to a distanced marriage
  • Having the same old sex? 

Create More Peace In Your Relationship By Gaining The Awareness, Knowledge And Essential Skills You Need To Improve Communication, Resolve Conflict and Enhance Intimacy

Imagine a course that will help you understand exactly where you are, how you got there and how YOU can spark changes in your relationship through awareness, deeper understanding and innovative skills


Most couples wait an average of 7 years (enduring conflict or distance or BOTH) before seeking professional help. Yes, I said AVERAGE of 7 years!


You’re tired of the repetitive discussions that don’t get anywhere - as if you’re both reading from the same script again and again. You’ve been frustrated with parts of your relationship for way too long. You may be feeling sad, angry, or lonely in your marriage. Sex is NOT what it used to be. You feel distanced from your partner, although neither of you intended for that to happen.

Convincing your spouse to go to therapy is a losing battle and it may not be in your budget anyway. No wonder you are feeling drained and discouraged at times.


Reconnect With Your Partner: A Masterclass in Intimate Relationships...

is your best chance to get your relationship back on track and restore the love (and fun) you used to have together. The content in this course has been developed by an experienced couples therapist who has studied and been trained in research-based couples therapies. It is not therapy, but a masterclass composed of specific techniques designed to improve and nurture relationships that have unintentionally drifted apart.

This program will challenge you to see your situation from a new perspective and provide you with tools to change things right away. If you have that kind of curiosity, eagerness to learn and resolve to implement new skills, this course is perfect for you. You’ll get accurate relationship information from a trusted and educated professional therapist trained in intimate relationship theories and calling upon her 20+ years of experience working with couples.

Knowledge is power. Once you understand where the conflicts originated, what your role is, and the purpose of conflict, you'll be in a much better position. You’ll respond in more healthy and effective ways using the tools contained in this program. You’ll be handling those same old discussions differently - in a way which enables you both to have more clarity and to advance the conversation.

If you’re missing the closeness you once had and want to be more deeply connected, this course is perfect for you. You will develop a better understanding of your relationship dynamics and begin to effectively handle situations that used to baffle you. No more searching the internet for resources on “how to improve your relationship” and finding conflicting, confusing and unusable advice. Gain a new perspective from an experienced relationship expert and get evidence -based tools for lasting change.


  • Making permanent, life-long changes that will become your new normal
  • Feeling calm and communicating effectively, even during disagreements
  • Knowing how to lead a conversation toward a solution you both feel satisfied with
  • Stating your case while being in charge of your own emotions and reactions
  • Understanding relationship dynamics on a deeper level
  • Cherishing your partner and feeling more loved
  • Feeling more connected to your partner by rebuilding your friendship and reigniting your sexual intimacy


What if you could enhance communication with your partner even during arguments?

Uncover your conflict response style with this relationship-saving quiz.



Here’s how lives have been impacted

We tackled our biggest issues

"Working with you has changed our relationship. We’ve learned so many skills and we have more insight into our partner and ourselves. We tackled our biggest issues. It’s been hard work at times and it’s been well worth it."

John & Tonya

My relationships are light years ahead of what they used to be

"I came to this work wanting help with my relationship and I’m amazed at how much more I learned than I expected. I operate so differently now and my relationships are light-years ahead of what they used to be. Even though I did this work without my girlfriend, there has been a huge change in my relationship."


We are both beginning to understand what real love is

"Our relationship has grown and matured to the point that we both are beginning to understand what real love is and how it can generate tremendous happiness and strength for each of us. I write these words as a way of expressing our deep and heartfelt thanks to you for what you’ve helped us accomplish for ourselves and the relationship and in the hopes of inspiring you to continue your work; giving other suffering couples the opportunity to escape their own demons and build relationships of trust, safety and enduring love."

Gil & Maria

Be the change you wish to see 

Focusing on what your partner should be doing differently is only keeping YOU stuck. Even with all the asking, begging, nagging and pressure you may have put on your partner, only they can decide to make changes. The truth is: changing yourself is the best way to improve a situation. This course will give you specific, usable tools that you can begin to use right away.

What if my partner won’t join me?
How will things get better if it’s only me working this program?

Relationships are systems; one part influences the other. So, as each partner learns and grows the other partner is positively affected (consciously and unconsciously) and the relationship changes as a whole. Going to therapy on your own (even if your partner never joins you) can lead to positive shifts in your relationship and leave you feeling so much better.

This course draws from reliable, evidence-based content from an experienced couples therapist PLUS the insight and anecdotal evidence from years of working specifically with couples to help you create a healthy and fulfilling relationship.


When your relationship is strong, everything else just falls into place

Imagine feeling loved and appreciated by your partner on the daily! Imagine feeling closer to one another - the way you used to. Imagine affection and appreciation freely flowing between the two of you. You CAN start enjoying your partner’s company again. It IS POSSIBLE to regain that sense of friendship and partnership - the feeling as if the two of you can conquer the world together. Plus, your sexual connection CAN be revitalized and even expanded upon.

This course is designed to help you:

  • Communicate to your partner in a way that fosters less reactivity
  • Have more fun together and share more things with one another peacefully resolve conflicts (big and small)
  • Feel heard by your partner
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your partner (and yourself!)
  • Have supportive conversations about emotional issues
  • Improve your sex life and deepen intimacy.

All the positive changes above are only about your relationship yet healing your marriage can have a positive impact for all areas of your life including your parenting, your career and your overall contentment. Bonus: you’ll also learn to take better care of yourself, surround yourself with an empowering support system and get your other needs met in a healthy way.

Relationships don’t have to fall to the wayside when running your adult life. They can, and should, be one of your top priorities because a robust, intimate relationship leaves you feeling confident, capable and better able to handle other challenges that life will inevitably throw your way.


Problems Rarely Just Disappear… 

Because problems are difficult and a solution is not readily evident, it’s human nature to avoid issues when we can. For couples, when things are going along swimmingly, we don’t want to bring it up because those painful feelings will get stirred up again. But problems rarely just disappear. Rather, they lay dormant until the next time they are triggered. You don’t need to live like this. Reconnect With Your Partner: A Masterclass in Intimate Relationships will teach you the skills to handle these problems effectively and with much less emotional intensity then before. Finally, you can face problems with the confidence that you and your partner can advance the conversation toward a solution.

If you only pay attention to your spouse’s faults and flaws, they will seem to intensify and you’ll continue to feel frustrated and lonely. The reason for this is that what we focus on tends to grow in importance. Instead, you need to turn your attention inward and start taking positive, actionable steps to manifest the change you’re looking for.

When you repeatedly do things differently, your brain creates new, healthier neural pathways that no longer include painful emotions such as discouragement or sadness. Going forward, you’ll feel optimistic about your ability to handle challenging situations with flexibility and ease.


Fixing things might seem impossible, but here's what will happen if you don’t;

Your relationship could end

Remember when you first met?

You were deeply in love, talking and texting constantly, spending every free moment together and feeling on top of the world. How tragic would it be for all of that to end? The love you have for each other still exists, it’s just buried beneath months, years and even decades of distance and hurt.

Your dysfunctional relationship continues

As you maintain the status quo of your current dynamic, you will waste more time feeling disconnected. Issues that are not addressed do not get better on their own because problems that are not addressed don’t just disappear. If you have children, they are learning unhealthy ways of being in a marriage and how not to express love, enjoy each other’s company and resolve differences. You don’t want your children unconsciously recreating the conflict and distance in their relationships when they’re adults that they are witnessing between you and your partner.

IT IS possible to repair things. I know because I’m an experienced couples counselor who has worked with and helped thousands of couples get back to a relationship filled with fondness, fun, and intimacy. Don’t let the intense connection you once felt fade away forever.

Here’s what you’ll find inside this life-changing course:


The Basics - Start With The Right Information

You’ll gain insight right away as you’re encouraged to look within and ask yourself what you bring to the relationship. Get a deeper understanding of your role – the perfect place to start when it comes to improving the dynamics between couples. This lesson will debunk the biggest myths about long-term relationships. You’ll replace misinformation, negativity and unreliable internet answers with scientifically proven and researched guidance from a professional therapist.


Building Your Support Network and Self-Care Routine

Learn about self- care, how to do it and why it’s crucial to improve your relationship. You’ll be challenged to start developing a full life for yourself in 10 critical domains. You’ll understand why you shouldn’t rely solely on your partner to meet your needs. These intra-personal changes will have a positive impact on your relationship as a whole. Finally, you’ll take stock of who you go to for help with your relationship. Is it someone who truly has your best interests at heart? Careful! Your “support” network may be unconsciously undermining your marriage.


Mastering Your Emotions

Dealing with tough emotions like anger, loneliness, and sadness can be super-challenging. I’ll show you effective soothing and calming techniques you can use right away. Explore how your emotions impact your partner’s emotions and why this can lead to escalation during arguments. Mastering your emotions will prevent disagreements from getting out of hand. When differences no longer escalate, you’re on your way to a positive outcome that you can both feel good about.


Listening To Your Spouse Without Reacting

In this module you'll not only learn how to recognize your own reactivity, but I’ll show you how to actively listen when your partner is triggered (read: emotional and reacting like a child). Getting underneath the intensity to heart of what is being communicated is key to solving differences. Interactions are much more likely to yield good outcomes when there is deep listening and the conversation gets to the core of the issue.


Talking To Your Partner So They Can Hear You

You’ll learn to sort through an issue so it makes more sense to you even before discussing it with your mate. Learn to break down problems into different components: what you think versus how you feel versus how you choose to react AND where this comes from. Doing this BEFORE approaching your partner with an issue will make a HUGE difference. Get the proven framework and structure for having important and emotional talks that bring about the best outcomes. Using this format to talk will be a life raft keeping you afloat when the seas get stormy.


An Advanced View of Marriage

Establish a powerful, new perspective on long-term relationships and the purpose behind conflict. Remember: knowledge is power. Understand how to let go of idealistic notions you learned when you were young such as “my partner should always make me happy”. Learn why conflict occurs and how to use it to your benefit. (It has a purpose!) Acknowledge how you have been avoiding your partner and find out why. And finally, learn the purpose of long-term relationships!


Friendship and Sex

Not sure what one has to do with the other? BOTH are part of a healthy, fulfilling long-term relationship. Learn why friendship is a foundational piece of an intimate relationship. You’ll walk away from this module with specific steps to revive the friendship between you and your partner. The reason sex is crucial to a marriage is that both provides you with a unique way of connecting that you only share with this one other person on earth and it fosters love, intimacy, fun and eroticism. I’ll share the most common and surprising stumbling block for couples in the bedroom and how to overcome it. PLUS, I’ll teach you to talk freely about sex so that your sex life is enhanced and you both can feel comfortable expressing yourselves and more satisfied!

You don’t have to stay stuck in a stale or turbulent marriage

If you’re insight-oriented & highly motivated to implement what you learn in this program, you’ll be rewarded with amazing, long-lasting changes and a relationship that puts a skip back in your step.

Are you letting obstacles stand in the way of repairing your love?

I can’t afford this course 

Reconnect With Your Partner: A Masterclass in Intimate Relationships is A LOT Iess expensive than continuous private therapy. The cost of a divorce and its consequences (separate households, court fees, alimony & child support) isn’t even comparable. Not to mention the emotional costs of living together in limbo while waiting for things to finalize, having to break the news to your kids and dealing with the aftereffects: losing in-laws you’ve become close to, adjusting to single life, jumping back into the dating pool and feelings of failure.

I’ve tried a similar program before and the results didn’t last

This program not only offers you the tools and skills you need right away but gives you a whole new perspective on relationships. This combination leads to lasting change. Understanding why you get into conflicts, identifying their root cause and addressing it, learning new ways to resolve differences, and looking at disagreements from a fresh perspective isn’t taught by all therapists. Learning why you react the way you do is crucial for making long-lasting changes.  

Your goal isn’t getting your partner to change, but recognizing that your own self-awareness is the key to a healthy relationship. This program will help you to learn, grow and heal. This leads to fundamental changes within you that will impact your relationship. This is not a quick fix. This program draws from proven and innovative therapy concepts that will result in deep and profound transformation.

Reconnect with your Partner: 

A Masterclass In Intimate Relationships Includes

40 Self-Paced Videos

Videos include examples from couples just like you.

22 Easy to Follow Lessons

Simple concepts presented in a straightforward approach.

30 Powerful Exercises To Apply Your Knowledge

You'll be surprised what surfaces when you ask the right questions.

1 Fillable Workbook

A compilation of the worksheets and journal prompts. 

Pre and Post Program with Relationship Evaluation Scale

Assess your progress and appreciate your success!

Soothing Audio Meditation

When we're rested and relaxed, we are better partners.

Total Value = $5,040

Enroll today and you’ll also get

Weekly Anonymous Q&A Calls

Drop in for Meredith's office hours and ask questions or share your thoughts.

Books List

Enjoy a compilation of Meredith's favorite books on relationships and intimacy.


Bonuses Total Value = $840


Group therapy with Meredith costs $60 per session.

$60 x 14 = $840


Private therapy with Meredith costs $300 per session.  During those meetings, she teaches couples all of the skills and tools contained in this course.  It takes 14 meetings to cover all the material available to you here in this self-study course.  

$300 x 14 = $4200

Plus, with this course, you are doing it at your own pace, in the privacy of your home and you don't have to share private details with anyone else.


Total Course Value = over $5040

I Want To Give You This Impactful Course Today For Just $499!

Full Payment


Save $4,541


Welcome! I'm Meredith


Marriage challenges you more than any relationship you’ve ever been in (except maybe your relationship with your mother 😉). Trust me, I know relationships are challenging because I’m married too!

Armed with a master's degree in counseling, extensive training from the Gottman Institute and Imago Couples Therapy, an education in Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing and 22 years experience, it's my mission to teach couples, like you, how to communicate effectively, resolve conflict in a healthy manner and express your love for each other in fun and intimate ways.

I became a couples therapist after working with children from dysfunctional homes. I was seeing the alarming impact that an unhappy marriage can have on the whole family. I knew that if I could help parents to manage their emotions, understand their reactivity (and its origin) and give them tools that their relationships would improve. Once that happens, then children are being raised in happier, calmer and more loving households - what every child deserves. 

When you realize you’re committed to a flawed human being (as we all are) you might ask yourself how do you love and live with an imperfect person? How do you make decisions and raise children together? When someone is so intimately involved in your life, what each of you do impacts the other, which makes your differences more challenging to overcome.

It’s also your greatest opportunity for personal growth IF you make the commitment to look within and commit to change.
I created this program because I know how hard long-term relationships can be! I want to give you the best opportunity to succeed by giving you the crucial steps to transform your marriage and receive the love that you’ve been looking for.

This program works!

I’ve compiled the most effective, proven and scientifically-backed information based on my 22 years of continued learning after my master’s degree AND my experience working directly with couples to create this course. I’m so confident you’ll be blown away by this innovative learning and effective tools that I’m offering you a money-back guarantee…


This program is not therapy and is intended for educational purposes only. Should you feel at risk of harming yourself or another person, contact 911 or get yourself to an emergency room as soon as possible.

Payment Options

Full Payment


Save $4,541

  • 40 Self-paced Videos  
  • 22 Easy to Follow Lessons 
  • 30 Powerful Exercises To Apply Your Knowledge
  • 1 Fillable Workbook
  • Pre and Post Program with a Relationship Evaluation Scale
  • Soothing audio meditation 


  • Weekly Anonymous Q&A Calls
  • Recommended Books List 

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